The Circle Of Life

The circle of life is an exercise and experiential that I engage you in at the beginning and throughout the coaching journey. Among its many applications and uses, it gives a visual snap shot of how ‘full’ your life is.

The larger the circle, the more satisfaction and joy are present.
Health is not only bound to quantitative measures like weight, BMI, or calories in/out.

The circle of life encompasses the core principles of primary and secondary foods where :

Secondary foods : everything we eat on our plates, which is super important, but it’s not the end all be all
Primary foods : all else we consume in our lives, such as the time we spend:
  • in relationships – with people, family, friends, and other nourishing beings (animals etc.)
  • in movement and physical engagement
  • in our careers and at work/school/vocation
  • in spiritual practice – cultivating meaning and awe in our lives
  • in sacred nourishing spaces – our homes, nature, etc.
  • For example, for me as a musician & music therapist, music is a primary food


“Annalissa’s skills as a music therapist and as a knowledgeable educator have been a great help in navigating my process. Her supervision has been invaluable in identifying opportunities, keeping my career in focus and on track, and in completing tasks related to NY State Creative Arts Therapy Licensure through some challenging times. Above all, Annalissa is a person who is naturally inclined to care for others. It is for these reasons that I endorse her as a helpful advocate and positive force in music therapy, for both clients and for students alike.”

Mark Ackerman, MA, MM, MT-BC

“I am so blessed and filled with GRATITUDE for all of Annie’s hard work and generosity of spirt. Annie truly has a passion and a gift for being a Health Coach. I highly recommend her!”

Rhonda Israel

Words do not suffice to express the enormity of my gratitude to Annalissa. This woman is one of the most brilliant, compassionate, wisest and most inspiring beings I've ever had the joy and privilege of encountering. And as a coach, her various modalities for helping you heal and transform — accompanied by her intuition and her incredible wealth of knowledge — are diverse, powerful and heart-opening. In the last year and a half, working with Annalissa has helped usher in a wave of transformation in all areas of my life. Thanks to her, my relationship to my finances, to my body, to my self-care, to my creative calling — along with my relationships with the people I love most — are all renewed and revitalized. And if it weren't for Annalissa, I would have never been able to uncover the complex ways in which my specific childhood traumas were dictating most of my patterns. I never thought I could grow so much through working with a coach. (And trust me, I've worked with many of them.) I never knew that through working with just one coach like Annalissa, I could begin moving through the world with a deep sense of self-worth and confidence in my life's purpose. I highly recommend Annalissa as a coach to everyone out there who's looking to transform and to start living big. So if you're thinking about working with her, do it. Don't hesitate. I mean that.

Amy Hong

“Working with Coach Annie has not only been educational, but life-changing. Even when I want to give up, I have support to keep moving forward to set and achieve my goals. Coaching with Annie has also really supported my therapeutic process. We uncovered that I needed to work on my trauma, that was huge - I feel this is an essential support in my healing. I am also now more aware of the concept of self-care and how food can be part of that. With all I have accomplished with Coach Annie, I believe that my goals and visions are possible.”

Diana Maldonado, National Underwriting Manager